GFK Rechteckbehälter 4.500 l

  • Rectangular container made of glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • Contents 4500 l large container in the ground / large container above ground
  • External dimensions above: 449 x 111 x 121 cm


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GFK Rechteckbehälter 4.500 l Grossbehälter im Erdreich grauStandard Grau4500 lGrossbehälter im Erdreich
GFK Rechteckbehälter 4.500 l Grossbehälter oberirdisch grauStandard Grau4500 lGrossbehälter oberirdisch

Rectangular container made of GRP with forklift pockets:
– forklift pockets mounted liquid-tight with stainless steel truss-head screws
– suitable for turntable forklifts, drive-in dimensions of forklift pockets 160 x 70 mm rectangular container made of GFK, large
container : – container (gray) made of GFK
– use as storage? / Collection container
– chemical-resistant
– Installation both above ground and in the ground
– hot-dip galvanized external struts for above-ground installation, internal struts made of stainless steel for installation in the ground
– internal struts can be easily dismantled for cleaning work.


Standard Grau


4500 l


Grossbehälter im Erdreich, Grossbehälter oberirdisch

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