Erweiterungseinheit für Fassregal Typ 540 mit GFK-Auffangwanne

  • Extension unit for type 540 with GRP collecting tray 150 l and barrel supports for 6 x 60 l barrels and small containers
  • Total dimensions: 132 x 80 x 200 cm


Lieferzeit: 5-9 Tage

7855 Marke: Lieferzeit: 5-9 Tage

For the space-saving storage of barrels and other containers in accordance with regulations. All barrel racks are completely hot-dip galvanized and have an absolutely corrosion-resistant GRP collecting tray for long-term, safe use. Due to their absolute resistance to corrosion, GRP sumps can be placed directly on the floor. The low overall height simplifies handling in the factories. The different shelf variants enable filling over the protruding collecting tray, even for the most varied of containers and containers. This ensures optimal adaptation to the respective operational conditions. The delivery takes place in a space-saving way in individual parts that can be easily and quickly assembled.Collecting trays with general building inspectorate approval Z- 40.12-227 of the DIBt-Berlin.

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