Sicherheitsschrank 12/20 – FWF 90, 3 Wannenböden, 1 Bodenwanne

  • Safety cabinet 12/20 – FWF 90 – 3 tray shelves
  • 1 floor pan
  • External dimensions: 120 x 59
  • 5 x 196 cm


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Design safety
cabinet FWF 90 F- SAFE: – with GS and CE mark
– fire resistance 90 minutes
– single-layer doors and walls made of homogeneous solid material, sandwich rear wall with ventilation
– in the event of fire, self-closing ventilation openings on the top of the cabinet, DN 100 mm
– single-
leaf cabinet with hydraulic door closer with integrated hold-open system (thermally triggered) – double-leaf cabinets with free-running doors, thermally induced lock in the event of fire
– earthing to avoid the risk of ignition due to electrostatic charging
– height-adjustable feet can be aligned from the inside
– with removable plinth panel, therefore wheelchair accessible with tub bottoms
– 3 height-adjustable tray shelves made of sheet steel, powder-coated in RAL 7035, load capacity 75 kg
– a floor tray made of sheet steel, powder-coated in RAL 7035 with perforated sheet
insert – larger barrel cabinet available on request Version with full pull-outs
Full pull-outs for storing small containers (load-bearing capacity 65 kg)

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