Elektronischer Drehmoment- / Drehwinkel-Schlüssel

Nm min-max: 200 – 1000 Nm ∙ lbf min-max: 150 – 750 lbf.ft ∙ Tolerance: 1% ∙ Square 20 mm (3/4 inch)


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7250-2STAC , , Marke: Lieferzeit: 5-9 Tage

Electronic torque / angle wrench

Nm min-max: 200 – 1000 Nm ∙ lbf min-max: 150 – 750 lbf.ft ∙ Tolerance: 1% ∙ Square 20 mm (3/4 inch)

Product Information

For high-precision screw connections with torque / angle of rotation where high accuracy or documentation is required, e.g. engine components, especially cylinder head screws, mechanical engineering with increased requirements (including robotics etc.)

  • Smart technology – Ready for Industry 4.0
  • Integrated reversible ratchet i 20 =  34
  • HAZET Smart technology consisting of SmartTAC app and Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy interface (product group 7000-2 sTAC – may be subject to national approval restrictions). Problem-free live data exchange for displaying the screwdriving process on mobile devices such as smartphones (smartwatch) and tablet PC via a USB-C interface. Programming of the torque angle wrench and documentation of the screwing data via laptop and PC with SmartTAC Tool 7910-sTAC.
    All sTAC torque wrenches can also be used independently without the SmartTAC app
  • Unique ergonomic, user-oriented, HAZET design of the entire tool for professional use
  • By reducing the size and integrating the circuit board into the main tube, dimensions have been created that enable small torque / angle wrenches from 1 Nm
  • Protection class IP 40.
    Display and membrane keyboard splash-proof
  • USB-C interface for programming the torque / angle wrench and for documenting the screwdriving data via laptop and PC
  • Including standard, exchangeable Li-Ion battery, type 14650 / 3.7 volts, which can be charged directly on the tool via a USB-C connector
  • Including 1 meter USB 3.1 / AC cable

Functions: 7000 sTAC

  • Large, high-contrast, easy-to-read OLED display, dimmable and rotatable by 180 °
  • Measured value display in 13 mm font size including an OK / NOK screw joint evaluation
  • Display deviation torque right and left: from ± 1% / ± 1 digit
  • Display deviation for rotation angle right and left: ± 1% / ± 1 °
  • Adding angle of rotation range: 0 to 999 °
  • Torque tolerance for OK display (green): adjustable ± 1 to 10%
  • Rotation angle tolerance for OK display (green): Adjustable from 1 to 90 °
  • Adjustable torque units: Nm, lbf ft, lbf in or kgf m
  • Effective length for other insert tools adjustable / programmable from 0 to 250 mm
    (prerequisite for correct torque / angle of rotation measurements)
  • 4-fold signaling of the screwing process by acoustic signal (buzzer), vibration, moving digital display and all around, from every position, visible 360 ​​° LED display with “traffic light function”
  • Threshold value, pre-warning level: adjustable 50 to 99%
  • Adjustable signaling, on / off acoustic signal (buzzer) and vibration
  • Reset function, resetting to factory settings
  • Stand-by time: Adjustable from 1 to 10 minutes.
  • Battery and memory display
  • Storage space including date and time: up to 3000 measurements
  • Programming option for parameter sets and flow charts: 25 and 25
  • 2 control functions: Programmable torque control for angle tightening and angle control for torque tightening
  • Menu locking function against unauthorized changes with a self-selectable four-digit code
  • Display of the software version with serial number, calibration date and service display / usage counter
  • Menu languages: German, English, French, Italian, Chinese
  • Programming and evaluation software for laptop and PC 7910-sTAC (with costs)
  • SmartTAC app for Android and Apple iOS devices for series 7000-2 sTAC (free download)
  • The SmartTAC-Dre
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